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Fee Based Asset Management



Individual Investors

RGA Wealth Management provides individual investors with minimum liquid assets of $100,000 to diversify their retirement and investment portfolios among the country’s leading investment managers. This program, provides us with the elements of a disciplined, scientific, and long term process.


Strategic Asset Allocation

As an investor, nothing is as important to you as developing the proper asset allocation. Over the long-term, the proper mix of stocks, bonds, and cash is the most important factor in reducing risk in your portfolio. As time passes, we conduct periodic meetings with clients to review that the asset allocation we have developed accurately reflects their investment goals, time horizons and risk tolerance.


Portfolio Diversification

By combining multiple asset classes and differing investment styles within your portfolio, we seek to lower the volatility of returns – that is, the range of different returns you could experience over time in your portfolio.


Professional Money Managers

The program utilizes professional money managers who focus on specific types of asset classes. This assures us that the money managers choosing stocks and bonds on your behalf are always operating on a narrowly focused area of expertise.


Portfolio Monitoring

In addition to automatic rebalancing, the managers within the program are continually monitored to ensure that each is investing only in the specific types of securities for which they were hired.


We would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you at any time to discuss your financial objectives.

* Certain restrictions apply, such as account minimums.